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Common Misconceptions about Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces have gained a lot of popularity in recent times. According to a CBRE report, Bangalore is one of the two most preferred markets for shared office spaces in India. This year witnessed not just small businesses but also big corporates moving towards coworking culture. Coworking spaces come with many advantages that we have discussed in an earlier blog post.
However, when we look at coworking spaces, there are various assumptions about what they offer and what they don’t. Well, let us now debunk some of the myths surrounding coworking spaces.

1) Coworking spaces are expensive.

If we consider all the expenses spent on stand-alone office spaces, such as infrastructure, security costs, etc., and their maintenance, the total to more than what you spend on a coworking space. Most of the coworking spaces offer discounts or promotions that will help in your savings if you take advantage of deals. So coworking spaces are definitely good for your pocket!

2) Coworking spaces are considered loud and noisy.

Another misconception that predominantly surrounds a coworking space is that they are too loud and noisy, and hence too distracting for your team to work. While coworking spaces can be quite lively and buzzing with activity, there are various space options available to suit your business needs. As a business owner, you can choose from various available options depending on how social and how involved you want your team to be in the office space.

3) Coworking spaces are only meant for technical jobs.

This is something often heard about a coworking space. People assume that shared offices are filled only with people from jobs in the technical industry, such as IT, marketing, support, and design. This is far from the truth. A coworking space has something to offer to everyone. Irrespective of the type of job you are into, it is possible that you can work from a shared office space. 

4) Coworking is just like renting a new office.

While this is true to an extent, coworking offers way more advantages than renting an office. Beginning with the kind of lease, i.e., weekly, monthly or annually, flexibility is a coworking space’s strongest suit. If your company decides to expand, you just have rent extra desks for the team to sit, rather than finding a whole new office space for relocating. 

5) All coworking spaces are the same.

This is one of the biggest myths around coworking culture. Each coworking space is unique and has a different kind of vibe, which means the amount of socialization and involvement in the coworking community. So it is possible to find a space that is to your taste and business needs. Just research thoroughly and find a perfect space before making a commitment. Your ideal coworking space is right around the corner! 

Here you go, we have debunked a few myths you might have had regarding shared office spaces and it is time to get out and find the ideal coworking space for you! 

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