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Coworking Spaces: The Latest Trend in the Corporate World

          The business world never runs out of ideas for innovation and profit maximization. One such trend that has been catching a lot of attention of late is a ‘coworking space’. Well, we are going to look at all the buzz around the newest toy in the business world.

          Recently, an article in the Business World outlined why big corporate companies are replacing traditional office setups with coworking spaces. The article went on to explain how technology-enhanced mobility and flexibility for employees and increased the need for rewriting standard office space demand. The article pointed out how India has adapted to this trend in 2019 and disrupting the workspace office norm. It is estimated that there are close to 200 shared office spaces spread across all major cities in India and this number seems to be expanding even more. Let us take a closer look at this trending innovation in the corporate world. 

          What is a coworking space?

          One glimpse at the space will make you realize it is nothing like a traditional office space.  In a coworking office space, you will see some folks buried in their computers sitting at private desks and there will be those striking conversations at large shared tables. A coworking space is essentially a shared workspace. It offers an affordable solution to professionals looking to get away from their home offices or temporary office setups like restaurants or bistros. 

          What are the highlights of choosing a coworking space?

          We are here to present you with top five advantages that come with working from a coworking space.

          1) Flexibility
          Primary advantage of coworking is that you can choose where and when you want to work without constricted work hours. Shared office spaces are so flexible that you can go home and continue working after a few hours of working from there. In addition, you can begin as an individual and occupy more space as and when required. 

          2) Developing your professional network

          A coworking space exposes you to people from different professions and backgrounds. This gives you a chance to meet interesting personalities, great thinkers and established businessmen. You can increase your professional network by working from a shared office space. 

          3) Cut down office expenditure

          Often, entrepreneurs and startups struggle with all the tediousness that comes with establishing a full-fledged office setup. All amenities available at the shared office space you are renting like recliners, coffee machines, whiteboards, projectors, etc., are at your disposal at a small expense, without having to fully invest in any of them. In a traditional office setup, providing these facilities could be draining your pockets! Cut down effectively on office expenditure and spend it on other required resources.

          4) Find think-alikes and grow your business 

          In a shared office space, you come across many creative thinkers and you might brainstorm and come up with fresh ideas! The brewed ideas might give your business the breakthrough you been looking for. You also get exposure to new clientele or leads that might point you in the right direction. Moreover, coworking spaces bring together people with similar thinking, career focus and motivational goals. Working with them brings anew enthusiasm to the job you do! 

          5) Coworking space collaboration and culture 
          All the coworking spaces promote and provide community events that are designed to be a new learning experience for the folks sharing the space. It is also possible to collaborate with new members and maintain a steady workflow. Exchange of skills is an essential part of a coworking space. Shared office spaces have a lively but productive vibe that cannot be found in a traditional office setup. This makes the employees more cheerful, productive and refreshed.

          This way, a coworking space can bring in a lot of interesting aspects to the mundane activities of professional life and make it more bright and colorful! No wonder this culture is fast spreading.

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