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Essential Amenities to Look for in a Coworking Space

A coworking space is a creative work hub, where people from various backgrounds collaborate and work from a shared office space.

This trend has become the new normal spreading at tremendous speeds to all major cities in the world. With more than 35,000 flexible workspaces spanning across all the continents, coworking looks to replace the traditional workspace setup fast. One major advantage that coworking spaces offer is the amenities they provide to the occupants. We have compiled a list of must-have and nice-to-have amenities in a coworking space.  

Must-have coworking  amenities

1) High speed and uninterrupted Internet connectivity is the first and foremost amenity that every coworking space should offer, as most of the business operations today are dependent on the Internet for everything. For steady connectivity, it is good to have both wired and wireless connections. 

2) Meeting rooms and conference rooms should be a part of the coworking space. Most of the businesses today function in teams and for them to collaborate a
private space is necessary to meet and share ideas, concepts and updates. Whether it is client meetings or presentations, these spaces come in handy. 

3) It is required that all the conference rooms and meetings rooms come with all the necessary conferencing and presentation equipment, such as projectors, audio-visual equipment, monitors, white boards, markers, etc. 

4) Work requirements of some occupants might include more than one monitor and other tech gadgets. So it is necessary that there are adequate amount of wall power sockets or plug-in power points at regular intervals.

5) Comfortable chairs. Since you will spend the better part of your day working, ensure that your coworking space has chairs that befit the work ergonomics. Nothing hurts as bad as having to work in an uncomfortable position because of the chair you sit in!

6) There should be availability of facilities staff during work hours to ensure the typical everyday needs are taken care of and your work doesn’t get interrupted because of a broken coffee machine or untidy surroundings. Also, the timings of the service staff should be flexible with your work timings.  

Nice-to-have coworking amenities

1) Sitting and standing desks. Sitting at your desk for a long time without any movement may give you backaches and leg numbing and pains. So it is good to walk around a bit and stand for a while and work. For this reason, there should be standing desks available along with comfortable sitting desks to allow employees some stretching and relaxing space simultaneously while working. 

2) Phone booths. Then there are some jobs that require professionals to be on-call most of the time. To ensure a noise-free conversation and uninterrupted flow of work, it is necessary to have some spaces dedicated for taking phone calls. Setting aside some space for taking phone calls is an ideal solution. 

3) Despite the advent of technology, there is still a requirement to print and share documents. Hence a good coworking space can offer great quality printing and copying services so that the occupants do not need to find copiers elsewhere.

4) While a lunching and snacking area is a must-have facility, providing coffee/tea and snacks is a nice-to-have amenity in the coworking space. Most employees these days rely on caffeine to keep them going. Plus a well-stocked pantry with availability of drinking water and all-round functioning microwave in the cafeteria makes the workspace even better.

While coworking spaces come with many other attractive utilities, choose a coworking space that fulfills all your working needs and helps you excel with your work and productivity. 

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