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Coworking is gaining fast traction all around the world, owing to the flexibility of work arrangements and freelancing culture. Now, it is not just being limited to freelancers or start-ups. Even big corporate giants, such as Amazon, Uber, Instagram and Spotify are moving fast towards coworking culture. How does coworking help grow your business? We are here to discuss just that. Don’t stop scrolling! 

1) First and foremost, coworking allows you to cut down on a lot of costs.

A freelancer or a start-up company can enjoy all the perks that come in a full-fledged office set up, without having to actually invest so much for establishing a traditional office space and associated costs such as rent, maintenance, backend office operations, office equipment, etc.

It also saves the time required to make all the necessary arrangements, which can be used for growing your business. Even for established companies, coworking spaces function as satellite offices, saving them time, cost and effort to set up more branches. Coworking spaces are thus a cost-effective alternative for a traditional office setup. 

2) Another great perk that coworking brings with it is networking

A coworking space houses a good mixture of professionals from various working backgrounds, who are constantly looking for opportunities to build and grow their business. It is possible that a small conversation over coffee might seed ideas that give breakthroughs to your business or work or a partnership might sprung out between people.

One can find people sharing similar work goals and motivate each other to be more productive. With various perspectives and visions in picture, coworking culture exposes everyone to varied experiences. Also, one can learn and grow from various experiences and valuable advices shared by entrepreneurs at varied developmental stages of business.

3) The unique vibe of friendliness that a coworking space brings in

It cannot be found in a traditional office set up. The lively set up helps you be more productive, cheerful and happy. The sense of community brings in both interaction and socialization for the employees. Since all the workers are not from the same company, conversations and friendships will be more relaxed and free-flowing. This helps create a robust working set up, enabling healthy and inspiring interactions, enabling your core competency and makes employees more motivated and productive.

4) Establishing friendships and partnerships

That are more relaxed and natural help your business like anything. The connections that come from these help grow your professional network and raise the profile of your business. This would be possible neither in an office set up or a bistro or home. 

With various perks that it brings in, coworking culture supports and promotes the growth of people’s businesses. Get out and find the coworking space that best suits your business today! 

Our Catapult Café located in the heart of business district of Bengaluru, Indiranagar 100 feet road, offers the right kind of budding environment that helps your business flourish. Come cowork with us and make us partners in the success of your business. Contact us today for a free tour of our Catapult Café!