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How to Build Healthy Relationships in Your Coworking Space

Coworking spaces are not just mere places to work. The best thing about a coworking space is the community and relationships you build there. Teeming with activity and people from various backgrounds, a coworking space is a promising platform for you to bond and network.

According to a study, 89% of members of coworking spaces reported being happier with community around. Bonding happens when you to put in some effort to gel with others. Here is how to make the best out of the coworking community and your work experience a pleasant and enriched one! 

1) Invest some time and effort to get to know the people around you.

Even if you are someone who prefers keeping to themselves, it proves beneficial to know the people you share the space with. A simple ‘good morning’ ensures the start of a good relationship with your fellow coworkers. 

2) Lunching in the community area is also a great way to introduce yourself to people around you. Though it is tempting to save those precious few minutes and eat at your desk, step away from your workstation and get down to talk as everyone tends to be relaxed and in a chatty mood during lunch time. This helps you relax and is a great opportunity to find like minds and friends. 

3) Bear in mind that you are in a work environment and try to maintain a low noise profile and not while away someone’s time too much. Be mindful of your coworkers’ time. This creates a positive workplace image for you, making bonding easy. 

4) Another exciting part of a coworking space is the events most places offer. If there is an event going on at your workplace, definitely try to make some time for it. This is a great opportunity to network. Feel free to bring a few of your business cards and pass them around. 

5) Another good way to nurture friendships is to host events. It could be anything; a demo of your work or a workshop or an informal event. Try to find something that appeals to everyone and create your event and host it. Talking to your community manager is a good way to ensure you keep everyone in the loop.

6) Look to socialize, not just network. While networking is a crucial aspect for increasing your business connections, don’t always look to sell your product. A light-hearted conversation with your coworker relaxes you and lays down a good camaraderie. 

7) Be open to ask for help when you are facing trouble with your work. A perk that coworking spaces offer is having plenty of skilled people around like software developers, designers, content writers and marketers. Seek out help from available experts and be ready to return the favor. Sharing knowledge enhances bonding. 

8) Make use of the online community most of the coworking spaces offer to share ideas, announcements and posts with your coworkers. It helps to keep everyone in the loop and is the easiest access to people around you. It is a good idea to start one if there is no online community available; be it a WhatsApp group or a Google chat room or a Facebook group.

These are a few ways to nurture friendships in a coworking space and make sure you get along with your fellow coworkers. Be mindful and active and participate in the community, and you will have a great work experience!

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