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Co-working spaces promote community building and bringing people from different sectors who share common areas while working. With the #coronavirus pandemic propagating social distancing causing most employees to work from home it might seem like co-working operations are losing their allure. Although the co-working sector has taken a hit during the lock-down, it is only going to emerge stronger and become more necessary after the crisis passes as the better way of working.

Many people have been forced into remote work with no preparation and are still figuring out ways to make it through with minimum difficulties. They might be getting comfortable with working from home but after the prolonged lock-downs, they will be looking forward to a change of space. Hence the impact of the pandemic on the co-working sector is expected to be short lived and the following trends are expected to change co-working operations: 

  • Hygienic Spaces gaining popularity

Hygiene and safety are going to take the center stage over all other factors such as cost, appearance, and location. Practices like regular cleaning, provision of masks and hand sanitizers and safe distancing while using common spaces are going to become essential. 

  • Opportunity to expand the business for service providers

Many co-working space providers who depend on one outlet will soon consider splitting their office into multiple smaller spaces in different locations in order to minimize future risks. This can be done keeping in mind that commuting using public transport may lose ground and co-working places located in convenient/multiple locations would benefit those who are looking for shorter commutes. Most offices that are using conventional leases can consider renewing their contracts into a more flexible one with the support of their landlords in this hard time.

  • Redesign and de-densify

Most corporates will have to revisit their office designs and density plans. Operating from more than one location is one way to de-clutter their office spaces. Other simpler ways to de-densify could be to introduce design changes that incorporate social distancing like changing seating arrangements, increasing the number of private space options rather than shared spaces and providing co-worker the option of being seated with familiar people.

  • More benefits for users

Customers are going to request for more flexible packages that can cater to their needs for a few hours of usage instead of monthly and annual usage plans. Activity-based/collaborative spaces for general meetings and brainstorming sessions are going to gain more demand. Service providers might have to introduce more discounts or free trial periods to their customers initially to get back in the game. 

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