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Is the Co-working Space worthy option for Your business?

Do you know how coworking started? It was birthed and conceptualized in the mind of a financially-struggling software engineer, Bard Neuberg, at San Francisco in 2005. Coworking has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. The increase in the number of coworking spaces in India is a testimonial of how much this culture is spreading fast through the business community. While it is true that this trend is quite catching up, there are few checkpoints that one should mind to ensure your coworking space is worth the price and effort. Let us see what those are.

1) Location and commute time

 Location and commute time are of prime importance when it comes to a coworking space. If the commute time and distance don’t prove beneficial to you, then you might have to look for a different coworking space. Also, the location of the coworking space is quite important as it influences client impressions, affects sales and enhances the credibility of your business.

Many coworkers prefer coworking spaces located in central business complexes. For instance, if you are a start-up in Bangalore, staying in and around the Bengaluru business district greatly helps your business. Make sure your coworking space covers these two aspects. 

2) To enjoy all the perks of Co-Working Space

The goal of coworking is to enjoy all perks of office space, without giving up the work-from-home freedom. Select a coworking space that fulfills both these conditions. Choosing a coworking space is totally subjective and dependent on the kind of work environment one prefers, such as casual, semi-casual and business. Plus, everyone might not prefer an open office culture and instead opt for an independent cabin.

3)  Positive impact on Productivity and Creativity

Many studies show that coworking space has a positive impact on productivity and creativity. A change of routine and workspace enhance your innovation. Make sure the coworking space you pick helps you engage positively with your work, churning more novelty and productivity from you. Brainstorming ideas with fellow coworkers proves refreshing rather than doing it all by yourself.

4) Sense of a community 

An attractive feature that coworking offers is the sense of a community. Most coworking spaces conduct several workshops, events, lectures, fun activities and group meetups that promote harmony among the coworkers. These help build a coworking community that is balanced and more productive thereby ensuring work-life balance. Make sure the coworking space has a community that matches your team’s interests.

5) Good infrastructure / Amenities

Each coworker/start-up is looking for different specific in the amenities. Good infrastructure is an essential part of a coworking space. Be it super-fast Wi-Fi, up-to-date conference rooms, beguiling recreational areas, lip-smacking lattes, etc., select a coworking space that ticks of each of your requirement boxes. Some start-ups may find it beneficial to have additional services provided to them such as, HR services, legal assistance, accounting operations, and so on. 

5) Space and Support

If you are a start-up ensure your coworking space has enough space to support if and when you decide to expand. Also the coworking space and the support staff should be amicable with your work timings.

These are a few essentials to keep in mind to ensure your coworking space is worth it. 

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