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Mistakes to Avoid While Working from a Coworking Space

Coworking spaces are a great change to the loneliness of working from home or having to work from the noise of a café or a bistro with constant interruptions. They make the life of both the employee and employer easier by keeping up with productivity and providing a feel-good vibe.

Though the atmosphere in a coworking space is casual and laidback, there are certain mistakes to avoid when you are working in a coworking space. Learn what those are here!

1) Network to bond and develop friendships rather than just looking to market your product or make a sale. True that networking is one of the biggest benefits that a coworking space offers, but don’t always make it about business. By offering services when needed, you can not only make new friendships but showcase your skills or the value of your product to the people around you.

2) Don’t alienate yourself with work and make a little time and effort to say hi and talk to people around you. This can not only help relax yourself but also have a positive impact on the collaborations. Be friendly and approachable and even if you are swamped with work, be polite in saying no. Do not stamp an invisible “Do not disturb” sign on yourself. Be social and talk to people.

3) Wi-Fi is an important facility that a coworking space offers you. Do not hog on the Wi-Fi and consume a lot of bandwidth unnecessarily – for instance, downloading a movie or catching up on Netflix shows. There are no limitations on using the Wi-Fi if it is for work purposes, but avoid utilizing it for your own recreation and leisure. Remember, if other employees do this, you will have no Wi-Fi; or worse, slow connectivity. 

4) Don’t alienate yourself and be an active participant in the community. It is often possible to get immersed in work and get carried away so much so that you forget the space you are in. Do not make this mistake and be stamped as aloof. Events are one of the best features that a coworking space has and we insist you make the most of it. 

 5) A coworking space is more relaxed and casual when compared to a traditional office setup. But remember that there are people working around you. Stick to the ‘No noise’ policy and avoid talking too loudly on the phone or with fellow coworkers. Do not play music too loudly in the common areas. Use a conference room or some unused space to take phone calls or conversations, and a headset if you need music while working.

6) Resources like conference rooms, audio-visual equipment, printers, etc., are offered for free in most of the coworking spaces. Be mindful of how much you are using them because these are for others too. Do not spend too much time than you are allotted with these resources. 

7) Since it is a space shared by all, take care of it. Be mindful while using the cafeteria, coffee machines, water facilities, printers, and other equipment. You are responsible for them as you make use of them. 

8) Being friendly is essential in a shared office space. But while interacting, be mindful of others’ privacy and do not broach topics that are too sensitive and prying. There are certain things that you cannot bring up freely unless you personally know someone. 

By following a few workspace etiquettes you can avoid some of the mistakes mentioned above and provide a good coworking experience to all your coworkers.