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Signs You Should Reevaluate Your Current Coworking Space

Coworking spaces have been a boon to remote workers and budding entrepreneurs. From helping to cutting down costs to battling the loneliness that comes from remote work culture, coworking spaces have vastly impacted the future of work culture. Promising so many advantages, coworking has been the savior of day! But not all coworking spaces work for everyone. You might have found a coworking space to work from but there are a few signs to indicate whether you chose the right space or not. Keep reading to know what those are!  

    Ø  The amenities/services offered in the coworking space do not match your work and lifestyle.

o   The Internet speed is not serving your needs. Be it slow or interrupted connectivity or not enough bandwidth to support your work requirements, it is a strong sign that you need to get this fixed or find a new coworking space.

o   If the seats and desks at your coworking space make you uncomfortable and hinder smooth flow of work, it is a sure-fire sign that you need to look at other coworking spaces. Bad work ergonomics have a huge negative impact on your body, mind and hence the work productivity.

o   If the timings of your work do not match the timings of the coworking space, it is required that you find a space that fulfills your timing requirements.


Ø  If you are not able to vibe well with the atmosphere in the coworking space, then it is time to research well about other coworking spaces and move to one that you see befitting you.

o   There are no real connections or bonding happening with the coworkers around you. Coworking spaces nurture and rear good friendships and camaraderie among the employees and are an essential part of the whole experience. If not, then the coworking community in the space is just not for you.

o   Coworking spaces are supposed to be motivating and stimulating. If this is not happening, or worse, the opposite of it, then it means your chosen workspace is not working for you. 

    o Events around you don’t spark any interest in you. Events in the coworking community, be it is formal or informal, should be appealing to you and spike your interest to attend them. Events are essential as they help you relax from the work routine, bond with people and network, all at the same time.

Ø  If you begin feeling that all that the space got to offer is free amenities like coffee or Wi-Fi, then it might mean you are counting reasons to stay. You find yourself preferring to work from home rather than coming to the coworking space or feel compelled to use the space, because you signed a contract and cannot get out of it. It is supposed to a nurturing workspace where you achieve maximum productivity, networking and growth. If this doesn’t happen, it is a definitive sign you need to find a new coworking space.


Whether you are a freelancer or a startup team your main aim in finding a coworking space is to go easy on your pocket. These are some of the signs that indicate that the coworking space you are currently in is not suited to your work style and money being spent. It is time to research well and find a new space that befits your work needs. 

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