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The Benefits of a Dedicated Desk in Your Workspace

Often, people feel comfortable in spaces with a touch of personalization. Dedicated desks allow you to personalize your workspace and make you feel at home while working.Coworking has spread fast to all the major cities of the world and is fast evolving and looking to replace the traditional office culture. Since its inception, coworking has been shaped in various ways by different companies to serve their needs and suit their requirements. Coworking has grown from being a mere space to work with good internet connectivity to offering amenities that make the workspace more comfortable and welcoming to the employee.

The dedicated desk is one of the concepts that coworking spaces implemented to appeal to the employees.

What is a dedicated desk? 
Simply put, a dedicated desk is a desk that is specifically assigned to a person in a coworking space. As opposed to the hot desk, which is a popular concept among coworkers, the dedicated desk is also fast gaining traction owing to many advantages that come with it. Well, not everyone likes the same kind of things! Let us look at some of the advantages that come with using the dedicated desk. 

 Advantages of Dedicated Desk

1) Dedicated desks are more organized and spacious and hence offer a lot of privacy when you need to concentrate on your work.

2) You will have extra space in case your work required additional tech gadgets like an extra monitor or other hardware.

3) Often, people feel comfortable in spaces with a touch of personalization. Dedicated desks allow you to personalize your workspace and make you feel at home while working.

4) You can protect sensitive information from being viewed/ disrupted by others. 

5) You can leave your work gadgets and other supporting tech like secondary systems or monitors at your desk and not have to worry about others accessing them. 

6) You have a reserved seat at your favorite spot to work.

7) If you have a team of members working together, having dedicated desks makes interaction and collaboration easier.

8) You can secure any valuable items that are required in the place of work in the cabinets/drawers that come with the dedicated desk.

 9) Your workspace will help you get into the ‘working zone’ albeit the buzzing activity around you and thus help your productivity.

10)The routine of your workspace won’t be disrupted by others using the space.

11) If you are particular about orderliness and tidiness, you won’t have to worry about other people cluttering or messing the place. 

12) The dedicated desks do not have fixed time slots like the hot desks and you can access them any time during the office hours. 

13) You can bring your own chair to work to leave at your dedicated desk if your work flows smooth with a comfortable chair.

14) The dedicated desk may sometimes include a phone provision and some types of job require phone connections at their workspaces. 

15) You can also work from common areas if you wish to have a change of space.

16) The dedicated desks will give access to all amenities like conference rooms, printing services, mailing services, phone booths, cafeteria recreation rooms, etc. 

17) If any of your colleagues wish to collaborate with you, they will know exactly where to reach to you. 

18) You can still be an active participant in the community and attend all the community events.

These are the perks that come with the dedicated desk. This work setup allows you some privacy if need be and lets you be a part of the coworking community when you want. Thus the dedicated desks combine the best of both traditional workspace and coworking concepts. 

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