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The Impact of Coworking on Bengaluru's work culture

Coworking culture that evolved in the mid-1990s spread fast throughout the entire world and today holds around 35000 shared office spaces around the world.

India also adapted to this trend and all the major cities in India are fast moving to this culture. Bengaluru, the IT hub of India, was and still remains to be one of the first cities to adapt itself to global work cultures and the city made no delays in following this trend. Let us look at how the coworking culture has impacted the city! 

Bangalore has always had a rich history of startups. Eventually, with the advent of information technology, it started rearing all the tech companies and moved to software industry. As the number of startups and company establishments grew, so did the population inflow from all over the country. As the industry to expand, increase in traffic and lack of infrastructure hindered the growth.  The ever increasing demand for space coupled with ever growing real estate costs and lack of infrastructure inhibited the growth for companies, especially startups. This is where coworking entered the scene as a solution.

To establish a traditional workspace, financial stability is required to own or rent a space. This means a large chunk of your establishment funds go into only establishing the place.

The other requirements like amenities and services, such as regulatory, connectivity and security, these all require a lot of setup costs, time and maintenance. Coworking culture came as a savior for all these. Coworking spaces are evolving into providing services. In addition to saving you costs, coworking culture saves you lots of time and energy, thus accommodating for businesses to flourish. 

Starting in early 2000s, coworking spread fast in India, especially in Bengaluru that had dire need for office spaces. The advantages that coworking brought in were reduced costs and capital investments.  Dearth of capital was always a problem that India grappled with. Software took off in India with a boom because of the same reason, and coworking is helping the industry even more in that aspect. 

Location is another major factor that determines your business growth. It proves advantageous to be located in a prime neighborhood that is accessible to both clients and employees. For instance, if you are a startup in Bengaluru, being situated in and around the Bangalore Central Business District (CBD) has a lot of positive impact on your business. With coworking even a startup can have foothold in areas in and around the CBD. It also allowed startups to be situated in multiple locations to cater to client and employee needs. All-in-all, cowork had a positive impact on the work culture of Bengaluru, by lowering the entry barrier. 

Coworking culture is also addressing the issues that arise with work from home policy. Productivity can be maintained while not having to be in a traditional work setup is one major advantage that coworking culture offered the employees. Also the office setup in general has grown more casual and flexible. This works out the best in the current day stress-filled scenarios most employees are in. Also the loneliness that remote workers face by working from home and the issues of dealing with all the noise and bad connectivity from a café can be solved effectively with coworking.

This way, coworking culture has debunked the traditional notions of workspaces and helping the work environment to be more fluid and laidback while keeping up with productivity, efficiency and maximum utilization of spaces. 

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