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Tips to be Effective in a Co-working Space

A trend that took the business world by storm is coworking with around 35,000 workspaces in the world. Coworking offers many amiable advantages such as saved costs, increased productivity, cheerful work environment, professional setup and sense of community.

While it is true that a coworking space greatly boosts one’s productivity and creativity, the ever-lively vibe of coworking spaces can prove to be a distraction too. If one is not being mindful of their work, their productivity may get disrupted.

Well, there are a few tips to ensure you have good productivity as well as make the most of the lively environment the coworking culture offers. Keep reading! 


1) Be accountable for the work you do. There is a possibility of increased distractions in a coworking space, both noise and visual. Remember your purpose of using a coworking space. Being disciplined helps you stay on track. Make sure you have a plan for completing the work and stick to it. 

2) While it is necessary that you have a schedule for completing tasks, keep it realistic. We all need breaks every now and then. So make a plan that allows you decent downtime in-between various tasks. Ensure not to while away too much time during a break. There are umpteen apps available that help you keep tabs on your time and schedules, and greatly help boost your productivity.

3) Investing in good noise-canceling earphones/headphones is one way to ensure the noise around doesn’t distract you as much when you need to concentrate.  


1) Many freelancers or employees prefer working from hot desks while in a shared office space. However, it is advisable that one has a dedicated desk for their work. This ensures that time doesn’t get wasted for having to move around from desk to desk on a daily basis. Also having a fixed setup gives  a good feeling and makes you want to work. 

2) A coworking space is like a middle-ground between a traditional office and home setup. Your workspace should be warm and cozy as well as allow you to be functional and efficient at the same time. Be it a hot desk or a private cabin; make sure you personalize your workspace a bit. Adding a plant pot or your favorite superhero figure or a comfortable cushion for better back support gives a personal feel to your work desk and motivates you to be more productive as you tend to feel at home. 


1) Each coworking space has a culture and vibe of its own. Make sure the coworking space you choose has an appealing vibe and suits your tendency and liking. Talk to the members of the space and get a look and feel of the place before deciding on a workspace. 

By being mindful of your work and space around, you ensure that your productivity doesn’t take a hit. Be productive and enjoy all perks that your coworking space offers

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