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Top Reasons Why Big Corporates are leaning towards Co-working Culture

 Coworking, since its inception around a decade ago, has been perceived to be befitting only for start-ups and freelancers. We have brought to you the advantages of coworking in a couple of previous blog posts found here. Well, coworking space is now not limited to just start-ups or freelancers any more, with established corporates adapting to this trend in the business world. It is understandable that start-ups use shared office spaces, but why are corporate giants favoring coworking culture? Well, we are here to tell you why. Keep reading!

Cost Savings

This point cannot be stressed enough. Be it a big corporate or a start-up company, there is a lot of investment that is involved in terms of an office establishment. Companies usually lease or buy larger spaces than their present requirement to accommodate personnel expansions. It is an expensive affair as it is difficult to predict the number of employees that they will hire in the coming years. So coworking is a viable option for a company during transient growth or when they have a new office space coming up soon. 

Productive Work Culture

An observation adding a lot of brownie points to coworking culture is increase in the productivity of the employees sharing a space. In coworking culture, people are found to be working more smartly and productively than from a traditional office set-up. Since employees are from different companies, conversations and bonds can be formed more easily and freely.

Interactions between employees lead to them getting acquainted with more than one field and knowledge transfer. Monolithic conversations and loss of productivity that comes from it can be avoided.  Monotony of being in the same kind of environment for prolonged periods can be changed. Corporates are quick to notice this positive outcome and hence are embracing the concept of corporate coworking more than ever. 


Coworking spaces are never short of new talent and innovation. Since coworking spaces have a wide range of personnel from various fields, it is possible that one can find people working on similar technologies or associated tools that might steer a project forward.

A coworking space enables corporates to collaborate with start-ups for a progressive change and better execution of their business. This proves to be beneficial for both corporates and start-ups. 


The main reason behind the conception of coworking spaces is flexibility that it brings in as opposed to a traditional office space. Corporates that occupy coworking spaces are offering this facility to their employees and they are free to choose a convenient location to work from.

Also, an added advantage with a coworking space is the working hours will be flexible with facilities available round the clock. This creates a good workspace relationship between employees and the company. 

Work near Home 

Work from home has seen a decrease in productivity in the past few years and corporates are losing value for WFH. At the same time, there are valid reasons for employees working from home.

So a coworking space acts as an effective middle ground for both corporates and employees.  Coworking space can be an extension of their office for the corporates and employees can reduce their commuting time by working from shared office space close-by. 


Hence a coworking space offers great advantages when compared to a traditional office set-up and even corporates are not resistant to its charm! 

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